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The diocese was bifurcated in 1986 to form the diocese of Thamarassery. The corporate educational agency of Thamarassery was established in 1987. The first corporate manager was Rev. Fr. Augustine Manakkatumattm followed by Rev. Fr. Mathew Mattakottil, Rev. Fr. Mathew Mavelil and Rev.Fr Joseph Kalarikal.  At the time of the formation of the agency there were 8 High Schoos, 14 Upper Primary Schools and 19 Lower Primary Schools. Today, the educational agency has 12 Higher Secondary Schools 19 High Schools, 22 Upper Primary Schools and 20 Lower Primary Schools.. The corporate educational agency is committed to ensure value based education for the next generation by incorporating with the community of teaching and non teaching staff, parents and educational officers.

The present scenario is that of information technology. The educational ideologies of the present day get completion when we explore the potential of information technology to redefine the terms of teaching and learning. The technological world work wonders providing fabulous chances and information. At this juncture, out of many educational reforms Corporate Educational Agency has stepped into a dynamic portal system of E-Care. It is an online management of school information along with online management – parents - teachers - students communication system. E-care portal system is a mirror of the progress, achievement and success story of the school. This is an attempt to step with the changing world. Just like a dream leads to another dream. Wishing all the best for the new venture.



Fr.Sebastian Purayidathil

Corporate Manager